Nursery- 5th Grade 

Jesus said, "Come, follow me..."

Matthew 4:19

 Amazing Grace Kids is equipping our smallest saints to be missionaries in their community!
Our ministry is about laying the foundation of faith in Jesus Christ for them to build on
and equipping and encouraging them to  take it into their world.  Jesus calls us all to follow Him, to be bold, and draw others to Him. Join us on our adventure as we follow Christ!


Sunday Mornings

One of our amazing PreK kids was with his mom in a new situation on a Monday.  She was a bit nervous, and he picked up on it. Squeezing her hand, he told her boldly: "It's okay. GOD WILL KEEP US SAFE!" It was the phrase from the Bible that he had memorized the day before in Amazing Grace Kids Church, and he was fully confident in his God.
 We believe kids are capable of learning about God and His Word.
This is a fun-filled energetic church service specifically designed to impart the JOY of knowing Christ and His great love. The Grace Kids church service will include engaging Bible lessons,  games, and craft activities that help solidify the Gospel message and its impact on their own personal faith in Christ.


Meet Our Crew

Angie Kemp

"Hello! I am originally from San Diego – and yes, I miss it!!! But the Lord has placed me in Seattle with an amazing husband, 2 toddler boys and a 13-year old stepson who keep my heart happy. I love serving in the nursery and meeting all of the new babies in the church -- plus I know first-hand how great it is to have an hour or so to sit, sans kids, and worship the Lord!"
I just love Angie's energy and calmness. Seriously, she brings both to every situation. She showers happiness, strength, and faith into the lives of our kids and crew members. She has a cool job, a fun and caring husband, and her kids are a blessing to Kids and Uncharted Youth. Take time to say hello and get to know Angie - you will be blessed!

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